My Story

I grew up in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania in a family of five daughters. My hometown was full of fields of corn, Amish buggies, and football fans. I loved it.


After graduating as valedictorian from my high school in 2008, I went south to Nashville, TN to attend Vanderbilt University. I began studies in biology and engineering with the intent to ultimately design animal prosthetics. I graduated from Vanderbilt in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in Engineering Management.

During my time at Vanderbilt, I developed passions for biology, service work, travel, leadership, and business. I studied abroad in Ireland, assisted with exotic animal conservation in Namibia, and founded Vanderbilt's first pre-veterinary medicine society. I also learned that my love of medicine exceeded my love of engineering and prosthetic design.


So in fall 2012, I enrolled in Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Less than one year later, I married my best friend from Vanderbilt, who I was lucky enough to have as a classmate in vet school.


We both graduated with top honors from Auburn CVM and started our careers as veterinarians in Raleigh, NC. In Peter's journey to becoming a veterinary dermatologist, we have moved to several states. I have enjoyed the opportunity to practice in diverse hospital settings in Raleigh, NC, Houston, TX and Philadelphia, PA. In the fall of 2018, Peter and I welcomed our son, James, into our family.

I enjoy interior design, riding my off-track thoroughbred, baking, photography, music, being with my family, and traveling to Ireland. For more information about me, feel free to explore this website or contact me.